When our students, families, and schools thrive, so does Denver. As the city continues its growth, we must equip our students to grow with it while also honoring the diversity of the city. This starts with ensuring all students, including those in District 2, have access to a high-quality education.

I have firsthand experience that a great education can lift families and communities. I believe students in southwest Denver are uniquely positioned to be Denver’s future leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists. As a former teacher, I have witnessed the profound impact educators can have with students and families. As a school board member, I will enact policies that create the conditions for schools to be units of positive change. Join us!

Get to know students in D2

Students should have the academic and social foundations to be leaders and entrepreneurs

I was the first person in my family to go to college. In high school, I took all honors classes, and was able to take advantage of important college-preparatory programs. By 2025 75% of all jobs will require some college, and we need our students to be ready for those exciting jobs. Starting from the time they enter preschool, students should have a great education and real world experiences that prepare them for success after high school. Money and circumstance should not stop students from doing what they want in their future. Every student should be prepared to go to college or make the decision to pursue a career pathway.

  • College aligned expectations and coursework: high quality preschool, investment in early literacy in primary school, and concurrent and dual enrollment, AP, and IB in secondary school
  • Career access: job shadowing, apprenticeships, and internships through programs such as CareerConnect and partnerships with local labor unions
  • College and career staff and partnerships: staff actively counseling students to help them navigate postsecondary options with organizations such as College Track and Denver Scholarship Foundation

Schools should reflect the communities they serve.

I know that parents must be partners in shaping inclusive school communities – as a community organizer, I coached parents to facilitate know-your-rights workshops on immigration and work with principals to improve conditions for families at school. I know that at their best, students, families, and communities know school as a safe and welcoming place. We can support families by providing wrap around services and meaningfully engaging parents as partners. Parents are experts in their children and can be the best advocates for their child’s success.

  • School based family liaisons at all schools in southwest Denver
  • Community based partners with direct service providers and after/before school programs
  • Parent programs to strengthen home-to-school connection
  • Culturally competent schools

Students and teachers require dignified places of learning and teaching.

My first day of teaching second grade students who spoke English as a second language was inside a classroom that reached 98 degrees by 10 am! I understand that we must upgrade facilities so that schools are dignified places of learning. The physical infrastructure of schools in southwest Denver require upgrades. There are students in mobile classroom units, teachers teaching in hot classrooms without air conditioning, and only one primary school has an elevator for students with disabilities. In the classroom, instruction must be aligned to the unique student profile of students in District 2. We must ensure investments are being made from a district level lead to the highest quality learning environments and experience for all students, and especially those with high needs. This means supportive classrooms for students and quality infrastructure in our school buildings!

  • Physical upgrades to ensure physical accessibility and necessary climate systems (AC+ heat)
  • Whole child investment: socio-emotional services
  • Targeted support for students with learning differences, emerging multilingual students, and gifted and talented students
  • Small class sizes
  • Principal leadership and teacher development

A Teacher Working for Early Childhood Education for All Students

Expanding Access to Early Childhood Education in Southwest Denver

  • Angela Cobián understands the vital role Early Childhood Education (ECE) plays in a child’s success. She’s committed to expanding ECE options so that every child has the opportunity to attend a high-quality program and ensure parents have the information necessary to choose the program that best fits their child’s needs
  • As a former early literacy teacher, Angela knows reading is critical to a child’s success. In fact, her students grew more than a typical year in reading! Angela will increase quality learning programs so our kids have the support they need throughout their time in school – from early childhood to graduation
Angela Cobián

Angela Cobián